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HMI development modules

Bridgetek has introduced a series of development modules to assist engineering professionals as they strive to implement more sophisticated and functionality-rich human machine interfaces (HMIs) and ensure market differentiation.

Based on the second generation of the multi-award winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) devices, the modules provide engineers with a foundation on which to rapidly prototype, or even directly construct HMIs. They each have a 5,0” format 800 x 480 pixel TFT display capable of supporting both portrait and landscape orientations. A built-in audio amplifier is also included on these units so that an external 1 W speaker can be attached to them.

Offline flyback switchers

The new LinkSwitch-XT2 family of offline, low-power converter ICs from Power Integrations offers high accuracy, high efficiency and excellent no-load performance. They target isolated and non-isolated flyback applications in which accurate regulation of output voltage and current are important. The new ICs can deliver up to 6.1 Watts in wide-input range designs, and up to 9,2 Watts for 230 V a.c. open-frame applications.

Better user interfaces using Bluetooth low energy

Many different industries and application areas make use of standalone devices. These are devices that, without need for interactions, are used to control local equipment. A good example is a heating control system hidden in the basement of a building, quietly doing its work without any need for interaction with the device. There are many similar devices in other areas as well, e.g. local medical devices, distributed pump controllers, and other control systems not connected to a network.

High-temperature SCRs

High-temperature silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) from STMicroelectronics allow manufacturers of voltage regulators, inrush current limiters for switch-mode power supplies, motor control circuits, and industrial solid-state relays to improve the reliability of their applications and/or reduce costs by using smaller heatsinks. Addressing a wide range of industrial and two- and three-wheel vehicle applications, ST’s high-temperature SCRs are particularly well suited to voltage regulators in markets where cost efficiency and high reliability are key requirements.

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